Image Multilingual System

Multilingual System

Image We show you the world

We show you the world

Image Customizable headphones for tourist use

Customizable headphones for tourist use

  • Explore the city in any language

  • Useful technology for the tourism sector

    In our constant search to improve the tourist experience, we present a range of specialized technological solutions. From multi-language systems to customizable headsets, audio guides and radio guides, our technology is designed to enrich tours and excursions. With our wide range of products, tour operators can raise the quality of their services, foster cultural interaction and ensure a memorable experience for travelers around the world.

  • ME Ingenieria

    M&E was born more than 20 years ago with the aim of providing a solution to the need to explain the information of each city in different languages. With our products, we break down barriers and provide solutions to tourism companies that want to facilitate communication with foreign people visiting their city.

    We bet on our own manufacturing of the products, in Barcelona, ​​in order to validate and ensure their quality. In addition, this allows us to offer a personalized service to each customer, together with the possibility of repairs and maintenance of the products, extending their useful life.

  • europe union

    Made in Barcelona, Europe.

  • Reparació

    Maintenance and repair of the product

  • experience

    + 20 years of experience

  • customitzation

    Personalized service

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City Sightseeing

"We have been workin closely with M&E for a year. Not only are their products high quality, but the post-sale service is impeccable. The team is comprised of fantastics who are highly reliable and make all parts of the process seamless."

Pilar Malet Navarro - Internatinoal Purchase Department Management

Retly, SA

"We began the collaboration with M&E Engineering more than 5 years ago. With the Code System product to access the tourist apartments without a key and the ECS Electrical Consumption Manager to manage the air conditioning system.

They are products with great reliability with good technical service. Local technology for a global service"

Jim Juncosa – Manager


"M&E is an engineering company located in Barcelona which is at the forefront of innovative technological products. Excellent customer service with close and impeccable after-sales service"

David Jurado Tapia - Access control specialist