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Innovation and Quality in Multilanguage Communication Systems

In the heart of Barcelona, M&E was born with a clear vision: to revolutionize the tourist experience by offering multi-language systems for tourist buses.

Observing the growth of foreign tourism, we decided to address the crucial need to provide detailed information in multiple languages to the city's visitors.


Constant Innovation and Personalization

We continue to move forward with the development of our new system, which will have up to 32 languages, touch screen and remote updating. Our commitment to innovation is reflected in the expansion of our offer, which includes accessories and other systems such as image-video, statistics, USB charging, 360 cameras, microphones and speakers.

Origins and commitment to quality

Since our beginnings, we have stood out for our customer service and comprehensive service. With the design, manufacturing and installation of products in Barcelona, we are proud to be one of the few international manufacturers that offer multi-language communication systems, with capacity for up to 16 languages and integrated GPS.

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Beyond Tourism

In addition to our systems for tourist transportation, we offer products such as radio guides for tourist routes and audio guides for museums. We highlight our self-made headphones as a differential feature, guaranteeing quality and customization.

Committed to European Quality and Personalized Service

Differentiating ourselves by local manufacturing in Europe, we not only provide quality products, but also repair services that extend their life before considering a replacement. Our after-sales service, focused on Spain and France, is distinguished by its installation and repair.

Facilitating communication in different languages

The M&E value proposition focuses on facilitating communication in several languages, adapting to specific needs. As we constantly improve our processes and technologies, we remain committed to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Explore the world with M&E and experience the difference in multilanguage communication!

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