Multilingual Tours in Geneva with Swisstours Transport and M&E


Geneva as an Inclusive and Welcoming Tourist Destination

The company M&E Multimedia & Engineering celebrates the recent collaboration with Swisstours Transport. A company recognized for offering exceptional tourist experiences in Switzerland. Multilingual elements will be implemented in the tourist buses that tour the most emblematic areas of Geneva. These audio systems will offer commentary and descriptions in different languages. This implementation will ensure that visitors can fully enjoy the tours without language barriers.

This initiative seeks to enrich tourists' experience by providing detailed information in several languages ​​about the city's points of interest. From the old town to impressive monuments such as the Reformers' Wall, Eynard Palace, Athenaeum Palace and the majestic St. Peter's Cathedral, tourists will be able to fully immerse themselves in the city's rich history and culture while exploring its most hidden emblematic corners. In addition, exciting routes will be offered through Geneva's most idyllic gardens and monuments, allowing visitors to discover the natural and architectural beauty that the city has to offer.

The introduction of multilingual elements in the tours reinforces Geneva's commitment as an inclusive and welcoming tourist destination. With this initiative, the city is expected to become an even more attractive and accessible place for visitors from around the world, making the summer of 2024 an unforgettable season for those who choose to discover the charms of Geneva.