New tourist bus in Rochefort, Belgium


M&E provides multilingual systems for Rochefort's new tourist bus

In M&E, a company specialised in multilingual systems, we have provided the necessary systems for the translation of the information on board the new Rochefort tourist bus.

The new Rochefort tourist bus, which started operating on Friday 20 October, offers guided tours in two languages: French and Dutch. Thanks to our multilingual M&E systems, tourists can enjoy a unique experience and get to know the main attractions of the city.

The tourist bus route offers a 50-minute tour starting at the Rochefort Tourist Office, explaining the history of the town and its monuments along the way. Places to visit include the church, the stone bridge, Crépin square, Nana la sonneuse, grotte de Lorette, chapelle de Lorette, la Croix St-Jean, geological features of the Famenne region (calestienne), Famenne-Ardenne Geopark, Battle of the Bulge, Mont de la Justice, château comtal, château cousin, Lafayette monument, Carmel, Rond du Roi, Murray Storm bridge, the Malagne Archéoparc, parc des Roches and return to the Syndicat d'Initiative.

The tourist bus is available to all visitors to Rochefort, both tourists and locals. In addition, the inhabitants of Rochefort can enjoy a free tour of the city until 5 November.