Security in your rentals with M&E smart locks


Comfort and Security for Owners and Guests

If you own an Airbnb property, the safety and comfort of your guests is crucial. M&E's Code System smart locks are the perfect solution to improve your experience and protect your property.

With code access, these locks allow remote control without having to travel, managing access efficiently. Customizable for each location, they are controlled by software installed on any computer, ideal for tourist apartments, offices and coworkings. M&E handles manufacturing, distribution and maintenance, eliminating worries about lost keys or costly replacements. Furthermore, security is essential for us, and that is why our devices have a reinforced striker and an anti-panic lock. They work directly with electricity, eliminating the need for WiFi and providing autonomy even in remote locations. At M&E, we also offer batteries with up to 2 days of autonomy for blackout situations, although they are rarely necessary.

These locks offer advanced security features, giving owners and guests peace of mind. They also facilitate the check-in and check-out process, allowing access through a temporary code without the need for in-person meetings.

In short, M&E smart locks are an excellent option to improve your guest experience and secure your property, whether for Airbnb, coworkings, hotels, companies or offices. Discover how they can transform your business!