Tourism in Greece: The Revolution with City Sightseeing


Discover how M&E, in collaboration with City Sightseeing, is transforming tourism infrastructure in Athens and other Greek cities.

For some time now, M&E has been working closely with City Sightseeing to improve tourism infrastructure in several cities in Greece. This collaboration has been essential to offer tourists unforgettable experiences.

Athens: A Fusion of History and Modernity

City Sightseeing offers a unique way to explore Athens, a city that combines its rich historical heritage with a surprising modern touch. Double-decker sightseeing buses allow visitors to enjoy iconic stops such as the Parthenon, Ancient Agora and the Old Olympic Stadium. Tourists can start their day with a refreshing "Freddo" before immersing themselves in the history and culture of the city.

Extension of Collaboration to Other Greek Cities

In addition to Athens, M&E has extended its communication systems to other popular tourist destinations in Greece, ensuring that the City Sightseeing experience is equally memorable in each location:

  • Corfu: Improving road infrastructure and creating new tourist routes to explore the island.
  • Thessaloniki: Development of points of interest and improved boarding platforms for tourist buses.
  • Koz Train: Innovations in the tourist train route, making the routes more comfortable and accessible.
  • Open Bus City Tour Greece: Implementation of technological and sustainable improvements in bus tours in various Greek cities.

Economic and Social Impact

The collaboration between M&E and City Sightseeing not only improves the tourist experience, but also boosts the local economy. Infrastructure projects generate jobs and foster economic development in the cities involved, benefiting both residents and visitors.

Commitment to Sustainability

Both companies share a commitment to sustainability. M&E ensures that all its projects minimize environmental impact while maximizing the efficiency and quality of tourism services, promoting responsible and sustainable tourism in Greece.